Meet Sarah

28 Feb 2021

“Maybe I haven’t been religious lately

Maybe this glass heart is finally tainted”

The shifting currents of a life spent in search of God.  Yet also the path of the songwriter.  Creating, but always questioning the worthiness of the creation.

Sarah Adams began her musical journey leading worship as a junior high student in her local church.  Eager to follow in her sister’s footsteps, the guitar became her instrument of choice.  Since then, the songwriting journey has involved steps of faith.  From believing she could write a song, to gaining the confidence to share those songs with a few trusted people, to believing in them enough to arrange and record them.  

“I love that you can create something that didn’t exist at all before.  Feeling like I can take part in creation.”

Her first single, Hidden Nightmares, plays off of the journey of faith, expressing some of the insecurities present along the way.  Does God hear me?  Am I listening to Him?  Is it ok to doubt?  Inspired by the musical diversity of John Mark McMillan, the simple elegance of Taylor Armstrong, and various honest and gritty songwriters like Noah Gundersen, Ruston Kelly, and Andy Squires, Sarah is always seeking to create songs that not only pique her own interest musically, but are always an honest expression of that life of faith, or sometimes what feels like a lack there of.  When asked how truth and love are embodied in her songwriting, Sarah said,

“I can be honest with this person, I can be honest with God even if it’s ugly.  I can be honest with myself and just know that it’s validated and someone’s there to listen.  I think that’s a good pairing between truth and love.”

Take a few minutes to listen as Sarah shares more about her own songwriting process, how too much coffee and studying abroad are the perfect recipe for a hit song, her emo side, and the double-edged sword of creativity and comparison.  Listen and follow her on IG at @sarah___renee.